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9/28 “it takes two to tango” - tango requires a leader, idea does not discredit Anglo- conformity conform - shape yourself to the idea of someone else, not how you’d be naturally, suppress individual interests in order to fit in written in 1964 - Civil Rights Movement, social protest not only in the streets but also in the Academy, Black Power/Red Power/Yellow Power movements debate about the nature of society among academics old guard people (like Gordon) still promoting pro-Assimilation agendas Berkeley: white students going into majors that were previously uncommon and promote thinking about the big questions- ie philosophy Talks about 3 major frameworks and challenges Melting Pot/ Cultural Pluralism Melting Pot : problem with the framework- transmutation, doesn’t deal with reality of Anglo-domination of this process Cultural Pluralism : immigrants can retain their own culture and participate in dominant US culture at the same time by learning English and participating in economic and
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