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9/30 power point on BB poem on Statue of Liberty not very realistic race played a role on how long ppl were detained at border- inspectors had a lot of power and viewed certain bodies as more likely to be “diseased” than others Department of Justice- Federal policing agency BCIS basically replaces INS Border patrol: Southwest (Mexico) and Canada 1790- “free white persons” does not include indentured servants, but they have access to citizenship once their service is over 1870- born in Africa of came from Africa 1883- Jim Crow begins to be legalized- segregation is constitution bc it’s not slavery slavery and involuntary servitude still constitutional if it’s for punishment of a crime (50% prisoners are black even though only 12% of the population is) 1875- category of an “undesirable immigrant” defined- criminals and prostitutes, ironic bc many European indentured servants had been criminals in Europe assumption that some racial and ethnic groups were more likely to be prostitutes (Asian
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