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Due Date : October 18, 2009 Submit your answers through a Blackboard Mail message (don’t use an attached file). Your answers should be numbered and organized exactly as the questions below. The answers for each chapter must be submitted separately. In the Subject line of your email, provide your first initial and last name, followed by the name of the assignment: for example, J. Brewer – Chap. 5 questions . Remember that you are NOT allowed to collaborate, share with, or get answers from other students -- past, present or future. Chapter 8 2-point questions: 1. The leading Christian humanist of the sixteenth century, often called the "Prince of Humanists," was ________, a superb scholar, a prolific writer, and the first humanist to make extensive use of the printing press. 2. The political satire titled Utopia , the first literary description of an ideal state since Plato's Republic , was written by the English scholar and Christian humanist ________. 3.
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