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9 - 3 Native American myths and folktales often feature...

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Due Date : October 25, 2009 Submit your answers through a Blackboard Mail message (don’t use an attached file). Your answers should be numbered and organized exactly as the questions below. The answers for each chapter must be submitted separately. In the Subject line of your email, provide your first initial and last name, followed by the name of the assignment: for example, J. Brewer – Chap. 5 questions . Remember that you are NOT allowed to collaborate, share with, or get answers from other students -- past, present or future. Chapter 9 2-point questions: 1. The African musical instruments called the bolon (or kora ) and the sansa were believed to contain such potent ________ power that they were considered dangerous and, among some tribes, their use was restricted to griots . 2. The nine-day Navajo healing ceremony known as the ________ combines the creation of sand paintings with the recitation of song cycles to drive off evil and restore good.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Native American myths and folktales often feature ________, similar to African folklore. 4. Nearly all of the literary evidence of the ________ civilization was destroyed by Spanish missionaries and colonial settlers. 5. The Aztec capital, ________, was constructed on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. 5-point question: 6. In your own words, write a single paragraph (using complete sentences) that fulfills the following: In Chapter 9, we find an excerpt from the beginning of the tale of Sundiata, the great king of the 13th century Mali Empire of western Africa. In this opening to the tale, the storyteller – the griot – explains his role in the culture of his people, the crucial elements of cultural tradition that he and his forebearers provide to their people. Describe three important services that the African griot provides to his community, according to this excerpt....
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