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Due Date : October 25, 2009 Submit your answers through a Blackboard Mail message (don’t use an attached file). Your answers should be numbered and organized exactly as the questions below. The answers for each chapter must be submitted separately. In the Subject line of your email, provide your first initial and last name, followed by the name of the assignment: for example, J. Brewer – Chap. 5 questions . Remember that you are NOT allowed to collaborate, share with, or get answers from other students -- past, present or future. Chapter 10 2-point questions: 1. The chief painting style of the Catholic Reformation, ________, is marked by spatial complexity, artificiality, and affectation. 2. The Italian painter Caravaggio flouted artistic convention and brought to life the events of both the ________ and the ________ past as if they were occurring in the taverns and streets of seventeenth-century Italy. 3. Two literary achievements of the early 17th century had a lasting impact on English literature
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Unformatted text preview: and on the English language itself: the works of the playwright ________ and the scriptural translation known as the ________. 4. Like his Dutch contemporaries, the legendary artist ________ excelled at accurately capturing the likeness of his portrait subject; however, he also surpassed a fidelity to nature and probed the inner life of his subjects. 5. The idea of music as an ________ exercise, composed for its own sake rather than for religious or communal purposes, was a distinctive feature of the ________ period of music. 5-point question: 6. In your own words, write a single paragraph (using complete sentences) that fulfills the following: One of the most powerful monarchs in European history was Louis XIV, King of France in the 17th century. Your textbook notes a number of ways in which his policies, practices, or innovations made profound impacts upon the arts and performance in Western culture. Discuss three examples of this....
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