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Creative Project: A Photographic Composition Due: October 18, 2009 Your assignment for the Creative Project is to produce a photographic composition . A photographic composition is a collection of photographic images that communicate some concept, theme, or narrative. You have two primary options for the type of composition you choose for your project. The first option is to construct a photographic essay , which is a composition on a single subject or theme. The nature or conceptual basis of the composition can be interpretive, meditative, or analytic. The second option is to construct a photographic narrative . A photographic narrative is a set of images that communicate a sequence with a defined beginning and end: an act, an occurrence, a story, a set of events, or a process of some kind. The key in a photographic narrative is to capture a sequence of moments that contains some kind of change or transformation in the subject being depicted. Whether you choose to do a photographic essay or a photographic narrative, you need to have an underlying concept that gives structure to the essay or meaning to the narrative. Technical Requirements Your photographic composition will consist of no less than 8 images and no more than 10 images . Note that a prudent production strategy would be to create at least twice as many images as you need for the final product, giving yourself the opportunity to choose those images that are most effective in satisfying your goal. (It’s seldom the case that every shot turns out the way you wanted it.) In other words, leave yourself room to choose, cull, and edit. Before the collection of images, there should be some kind of title page or slide or panel (depending on the kind of program/file format that you use). The only information needed here is a title for the composition (which should appear first and more prominently) and your name. Also, after the composition, you will include a “critical commentary” (about which I will say more in a moment). All images for your photographic composition must be produced specifically for this project . In other words, you are not to use existing images found elsewhere or produced by you at some other time for some other purpose. If you're uncertain of your photographic skills and/or your ability to create images of an adequate quality for your purpose, you may get help from someone who has more experience with photography. However , all images must be produced at your direction and to your own design. In other words, even if you aren't the person pressing the shutter button, you must be directly in control of the creation of the images. The end product – the underlying idea, the design and selection of the images, the
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creative project - Creative Project: A Photographic...

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