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Collin College Course Syllabus for Humanities 1301 Course Number: This syllabus applies to HUMA 1301.WC1 and HUMA 1301.WC2 Course Title: Introduction to the Humanities Course Credit Hours: Lecture - 3 hours Assessment Requirements: College-level reading and eligibility for English 1301 Course Delivery Method: Blackboard Learning System (CE6) Class Information: Access to this course site is through CougarWeb (use the My Courses tab). Instructor: Rich DeRouen Office: Rm. LA227, Central Park Campus (CPC) Online Office Hours: Monday 4:00-6:00pm (inside the Blackboard course site) Contact Information: email - [email protected] | phone – 972.548.6793 (In case of emergencies, the department contact number is: Academic Affairs Department - 214.491.6270) You must use the Mail function inside the Blackboard course site to correspond with me for course- related matters. If a problem with Blackboard prevents you from using Blackboard or the Blackboard Mail function, the email address above can be used to contact me from your Cougar Mail account. If I should need to contact you under similar conditions, I will use your Cougar Mail address provided by the college. (Please see the Orientation document for more information on this.) I normally respond to email inquiries or phone messages within 48 hours (not counting weekends). Course Textbook (required): Landmarks in Humanities (2nd ed., 2009) edited by Gloria K. Fiero Course Description Introduction to the Humanities focuses on the study and appreciation of representative examples of visual and performing arts, literature, music and religion of various world cultures. The exploration of interrelationships of the arts and their philosophies emphasizes the nature of humankind and the need to create. Along the way, we will explore human values, attitudes, and ideas by examining the history and nature of human creative expression from a variety of time periods, art forms, creators and cultural traditions. We will also investigate the interrelationships of cultural history, spiritual traditions, philosophy, literature, and the visual and performing arts using text readings, occasional Internet research, comments posted to an online discussion forum, and both critical and creative projects. Expected Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following: 1. Analyze primary works in the arts and humanities in terms of how they contribute to the meaning of human experience. 2. Demonstrate knowledge of the skills involved in creating art and performance. 3. Identify aesthetic principles of the arts and humanities. 4. Select and use the vocabulary of the humanities at an appropriate intellectual level. 5. Identify works in the arts and humanities within a historical framework.
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This note was uploaded on 10/19/2009 for the course HUMA 1301 taught by Professor Boyd during the Fall '08 term at Collin College.

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syllabus - Collin College Course Syllabus for Humanities...

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