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Chap 1 answers - Mesopotamia the next was Egypt along the...

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Chapter 1 answers: 1. Epic of Gilgamesh 2. Zoroaster 3. Osiris 4. Vedas 5. Shang-di ( or Tian) For the last question, a variety of responses could be constructed that qualify for all available points. Below, I’ve provided just one possible answer, one that includes all the key elements that I was seeking. Those key elements have been highlighted in the example answer. 6. Our word "civilization" is based upon a Latin root word (“civitas”) pertaining to a city or cities. Thus, the concept of civilization assumes the presence of cities -- in other words, a culture and/or society based upon cities . The earliest cities, and therefore the earliest civilizations, were located in four distinct regions: the first was Sumer , located in the delta region between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (in an area the Greeks would later call
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Unformatted text preview: Mesopotamia); the next was Egypt , along the Nile River; the third was in the Indus River valley between current day India and Pakistan (sometimes referred to by the names of its major cities, Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa); and the fourth was in the northeast of current-day China (developed first along the Yellow River, and later on the Yang-tze River as well). All four locations shared the common feature of being built around one or more major rivers . This shared feature can be attributed to the fact that the soil fertility and water access provided by a river delta was extremely beneficial for producing the rich agricultural harvests needed to support the population densities of a city. These rivers would also have provided an avenue for trade among the early cities in each region....
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