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Chapter 2 answers: 1. humanists 2. drama 3. philosophers 4. conversation ( or discourse) 5. Skeptics For the last question, a variety of responses could be constructed that qualify for the available points. Below, I’ve provided a sample answer that addresses four possible examples that satisfy the question. Those examples and key features of their idealism have been highlighted in the sample answer. Any two of these examples and some mention of their idealistic features would qualify. (Other examples of Greek idealism are also possible here, and answers were treated on a case-by-case basis.) 6. A significant instance of idealism in classical Greek culture can be found in the philosophy of Plato , especially in his Theory of Forms , which suggests that true reality is found in the realm of the Ideal Forms, a realm of the cosmos separate from the physical world of concrete sensory objects that we experience. The objects of the physical world are simply copies of the perfect models or originals
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