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Chap 3 answers - Chapter 3 answers 1 practical 2 Pax Romana...

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Chapter 3 answers: 1. practical 2. Pax Romana 3. opinions 4. arch 5. Han For the last question, a variety of responses could be constructed that qualify for all available points. Below, I’ve provided an answer that includes several factors (highlighted) that contributed to the disintegration of the Roman Republic into an imperial military dictatorship. A coherent discussion of any three of these would qualify as an acceptable answer. 6. The roots of the eventual demise of the Roman Republic can be found almost at its beginnings, when it set course on a path of military conquest . The need for a larger, more permanent military led to the lion's share of power in the Republic either resting in or depending upon the military , which controlled the far-flung Roman provinces. Confiscated treasure, claimed in military conquest, brought great wealth to the generals. This led to corruption of both the military and the Senate , which controlled military matters. War captives were shipped back to Rome and auctioned off as slaves to the large
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