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Chapter 4 answers: 1. Yahweh 2. Paul 3. symbolic 4. Iconoclasts 5. meditation For the last question, a variety of responses could be constructed that qualify for points. Below, I’ve provided an answer that highlights most of the points relevant to the question, although other pertinent observations are also possible. 6. The ancient mystery cults were practices rooted in agricultural societies , and the symbolic basis of their rituals and ceremonies was the seasonal cycles of an agricultural life . These practices included rituals that celebrated the birth, death, and rebirth of the gods through ceremonies of baptism and ceremonial meals in which the gathered community symbolically consumed the flesh and blood of the god. Such rituals mimic or
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Unformatted text preview: mirror the cycle of growth, harvest, death of winter, and rebirth of spring that is central to an agricultural existence. The observances found in the most popular mystery cults such as that of Isis in Egypt, Cybele in Phrygia, Dionysus in Greece, and Mithra in Persia find echoes in the practices of some of todays most widespread religions. For instance, Mithraisms division of the world into Light and Dark, Good and Evil, has parallels in the spiritual views of Islam and Christianity. Christianity also shares with Mithraism its ritual baptisms , symbolic communal meals of bread and wine , and a winter solstice feast in commemoration of its central spiritual figure....
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