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Chap 5 answers - of the European aristocracy and the...

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Chapter 5 answers: 1. Beowulf 2. The Diamond Sutra 3. Bayeux Tapestry 4. lute 5. men For the last question, a variety of responses could be constructed that qualify for points. Below, I’ve provided an answer that highlights most of the points relevant to the question. 6. The original motivations for the medieval Crusades were religious : The Byzantine Empire, which shared with Europe a common Christian belief system, was under military pressure from the Ottoman Turks (a Muslim empire). The first Crusade had the intention of assisting the Byzantine emperor and reopening access to Palestine (called the Holy Land by medieval Christians) for Christian pilgrims. However, the original intentions quickly succumbed to the economic ambitions
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Unformatted text preview: of the European aristocracy and the Italian port cities. No long-lasting military or political gains were achieved in the Crusades, and the Byzantine Empire eventually was defeated by the Turks. However, the extended period of contact with the East injected renewed energy into European commercial life and enhanced the wealth of several Italian city-states. It also reacquainted Europe with cultures beyond its borders in ways that had not been common since the fall of Rome. Also, the political and social instability caused by the Crusades inside Europe led to the consolidation and centralizing of political power in newly forming nation-states that were slowly replacing the fragmented political structures of the middle ages....
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