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Fall, 2006 CS1040: Examination 1 Page 1 of 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE: [Point value] after each problem number. MAX: 105 with Bonus Take a deep breath----------------let it out-----------start------- Please read EACH QUESTION and ALL POSSIBLE ANSWERS carefully before choosing your answer. Choose the number of the answer that is MOST true, then fill in the appropriate box to the right of the corresponding question number on the ANSWER SHEET AND write the answer number on the blank line preceding the question number on this exam sheet. If you believe a typographical error exists, ask your instructor, GTA, or PLA for clarification before answering the question. Please use a #2 pencil to fill in the bubbles carefully on the ANSWER SHEET.
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Unformatted text preview: _______ 1. [2] A folder is the same as a directory. 1) True 2) False __ 2. [4] GUI stands for 1) graphical user interface. 2) graphing user introduction. 3) graphical unit interface. 4) graphical user input. 5) None of the above. _______ 3. [5] Identify any errors in the following code. 1 | Dim num As Double 2 | num = InputBox(“Pick a number from 1 to 10.”) 3 | txtOutput.Text = “Your number is ” & num 1) InputBox in line 2 requires a title string as the second literal string inside the parentheses 2) Output Text Box requires the property to be strings 3) Line 2 needs to convert string from InputBox to CDbl 4) No errors. 5) None of the above....
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