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3. [14] Using the GUI given below, write a Visual Basic program that adds two double numbers and displays the answer in a list box . Your program will use the GUI shown below. The user will enter two numbers into the textboxes. When the user clicks the “Calculate Answer” button, the program will display the answer in the listbox. You do not need to use zone format for your output, but your answer should be show three decimal points in the display. Use the comments
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Unformatted text preview: in the main program to help write the code in a logical fashion. Public Class Form1 Private Sub btnShow_Click(. . .) Handles btnShow.Click ‘declare the input variables ‘declare the answer variable ‘transfer the user’s input from textbox called txtNum1 to variable ‘transfer the user’s input from textbox called txtNum2 to variable ‘print the output in the listbox called lstOutput End Sub txtNum1 txtNum2 lstOutput btnCalculate...
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