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`BIOG 1001 Practice Exam I for BioG 1101 21 September 2008 Most of the questions on this exam are drawn from prelims given in BioG 101 in previous years, but it is unlikely that any of these exact questions will appear on this year’s exam. Use this practice test as a way of determining what subject areas you need to review further as you prepare for the exam, and as a rough guide to the types of questions and level of difficulty that you can expect. To give you more practice, this exam contains more questions than will be on the real prelim. – LG 1. For consistency with the theory of natural selection as the agent of evolution, it is necessary to postulate that: a. in each generation, all individuals well adapted to their environment live longer than those not so well adapted. b. the deaths of individuals occur completely at random with respect to their environment. c. some of the characteristics responsible for the reproductive success of individual organisms are inheritable. d. most deaths of individual organisms occur soon after birth e. more than half of the poorly adapted individuals must be eliminated by natural selection in each generation. 2. Of the following statements which one presents the best evidence in support of Darwinian evolution? a. A species of wild mustard can be subjected to artificial selection over several generations resulting in vegetables with drastically different characteristics. b. Early in the history of the Earth the atmosphere lacked free oxygen and was a reducing atmosphere. c. Whether or not a rose-of-Sharon bush produces red or pink flowers depends on the pH of the soil in which it is planted. d. Some varieties of corn have been reported to have over 80,000 genes. e. Some carbon-based molecules are very stable, and even in the absence of life will tend to be formed on Earth. 3. Of the steps listed below, the first is normally a. formation of a hypothesis d. formation of a theory b. a controlled experiment e. conclusions c. empirical observations 4. Which of the following best states the point of view that the study of life must take account of emergent properties? a. You can understand something by taking it apart. b. Small things are more complex than large ones. c. The complexity of living organisms can only be explained by assuming that it is the product of intelligent design. d. A system has functions more complex than its parts. e. If you look at something long enough, you will understand it. 5. Many species of cave-dwelling fish have non-functional, covered eyes, and certain snakes possess non-functional bones of the pelvic girdle. Modern biologists regard such structures as evidence for a. the accuracy of a literal interpretation of the Biblical account of creation. b. Lamarck's concept of evolutionary change by the mechanism of inheritance of acquired characteristics ("use and
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100108exam1 - `BIOG 1001 Practice Exam I for BioG 1101 2 1...

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