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F08%20Prelim%202_mas - BioG 1101 Prelim 2 Cornell...

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BioG 1101 Prelim 2 November 4, 2008 Cornell University 1 Fall 2008 Prelim 2 INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Please use a #2 pencil for the optical-scan answer sheets. 2) Fill in your last name, first name, and middle initial on the BLUE op-scan sheet as in the following example. Leave spaces between last and first names, and initial. Blacken the corresponding letters below in pencil. 3) Under BIRTH DATE put the last name of your LABORATORY INSTRUCTOR (first 4 letters); mark NONE if you are not enrolled in lab. Do not blacken the circles below. 4) Starting in column A under IDENTIFICATION NUMBER put your 7-digit Cornell ID number (dropping off the leading 00). Leave no blanks between numbers; blacken the appropriate circles below each number as in the example. 5) Starting in column K under SPECIAL CODES please answer the questions given at the right and blacken the appropriate circles below. This information will assist us to better organize the course and in counseling students. Under SPECIAL CODES: K. Your college? 0 = Agriculture/Life Sci. 1 = Human Ecology 2 = Arts & Sciences 3 = Engineering 4 = Other College L. Years of previous biology? 0 = None 1 = One Year 2 = Two years 3 = Three years or more M. Your class? 0 = Special or extramural 1 = Freshman 2 = Sophomore 3 = Junior 4 = Senior 5 = Graduate Student N. Did you take AP biology in high school? 0 = no 1 = scored 3 or below 2 = scored 4 3 = scored 5 O. Does you clicker work in lecture? 0 = never 1 = rarely 2 = most of the time 3 = all of the time 6) After you have completed these steps, proceed with the test. You will have 90 min. (1.5 hrs.) to complete it, and you will be notified when 10 and 5 min. remain. THIS BOOKLET CONSISTS OF 13 PAGES TOTAL. CHECK EACH PAGE NOW TO BE SURE THAT YOURS IS COMPLETE. YOU MAY KEEP THIS EXAM BOOKLET.
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BioG 1101 Prelim 2 November 4, 2008 Cornell University 2 Fall 2008 Exam 2 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one best answer from among those given. Mark the answer on the op-scan sheet provided. Keep a record of each of your answers on these pages so that you can correct your test using the answer key provided on the course website. Exam tip : There is no penalty for guessing. Your score is determined by the number of correct answers. 1) (1 pt) Which one of the following features of a cell is NOT a reason that a cell is considered an open system? A Energy can enter and leave a cell. B Matter can enter and leave a cell. C A cell can increase in order and complexity over time. D A part of a cell can use free energy produced in a different part of the cell. E When a cell dies, its free energy rapidly dissipates. 2) (1 pt) The oxidation of one glucose molecule through the processes of glycolysis, pyruvate import, and the Krebs cycle results directly in: A the uptake of 6 O2 molecules. B conversion of NADH to NAD+. C the production of 3 CO2 molecules.
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F08%20Prelim%202_mas - BioG 1101 Prelim 2 Cornell...

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