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3/30/09 1 Prelim Review Session One approach to genome sequencing FISH with specific genes “Painting” large chromosome segments with FISH (create fragments and arrange based on markers) Another approach to genome sequencing fig. 20.4 Dolly convinced the skeptics But many transgenic animals display defects. Probably due to epigenetic patterns not properly reset, as they would be in an egg. zygote nucleus differentiated nucleus (e.g. mammary gland) de- differentiated nucleus of cultured cell differentiated nuclei in cloned animal methylation/acetylation methylation/acetylation loss of methylation/acetylation (but perhaps incomplete) Asexual reproduction grafting and cuttings in grafts the vascular tissue must match cut ings of Clematis grafting robot (1200/hr) melon scions grafted onto fungus- resistant rootstocks Description Genus and species: Malus domestica.Variety denomination: `Ruby Pink`. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a new and distinct variety of apple tree named `Ruby Pink,` which was discovered as a limb sport growing among a uniform block of `Cripps Pink` (U.S. Plant Pat. No. 7,880) apple trees in a cultivated area ofMain Ridge, Victoria, Australia. The
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Lec%2069%20Review%202%2009 - One approach to genome...

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