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lec%2083%20consbio - Carolina Parakeet Ivory Billed...

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5/1/09 1 Extinct 1918 There were flocks a mile wide and 300 miles (500 km) long, taking several days to pass and probably containing two billion birds Extinct 1914 Extinct?? Extinct ca. 1852 Great Auk Carolina Parakeet Ivory Billed Woodpecker Passenger Pigeon Since 1850 there has been at least one bird species extinction every 4 years, now the rate is about 1 species per year! http://courseeval.cornell.edu/evaluation/index.cfm Please complete the course evaluation Webquiz 23 will be available tomorrow and due on FRIDAY May 8 th !!!! Today is the last day you can register your clicker. Keep the registration email for proof! Today is the last day you can complete the EXPLORATION evaluation BioG 1102 Final Exam, 2 ‐ 4:30 PM, May 7 Two parts: 1) coverage from the last prelim (22 %, same as another prelim) 2) comprehensive, from lecture 42 ‐ 83 (10 %) All questions will be multiple choice (no essays) The comprehensive section will test general principles, not details. Required chapters: 22, 24, 25, 26, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 Three metabolic enzymes are responsible for breaking down the sugar arabinose to D‐xyluose‐5‐phosphate. The genes for these enzymes are linked on the same chromosome and are regulated by a common promoter. Which statement about these enzymes and their genes is INCORRECT? A) an operator is associated with the promoter B) the second gene consists of four exons and three introns C) the second structural gene codes for the first enzyme in the pathway D) arabinose activates the pathway E) transcription is catalyzed by RNA polymerase Example cumulative question for the final * Human effects Altered 50% of the Earth surface Used >50% available freshwater Pushing more species towards extinction than the asteroid 65 mill years ago
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5/1/09 2 Human Domination of Earth’s Ecosystems Vitousek et al. 1997 In the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement between more than 170 countries The Protocol agreed 'caps' or quotas on the maximum amount of Greenhouse gases for developed and developing countries. Operators/countries that have not used up their quotas can sell their unused allowances as carbon credits, while businesses that are about to exceed their quotas can buy the extra allowances as credits Another seller may have already invested in new low‐emission machinery and have a surplus of allowances as a result. The factory could make up for its emissions by buying 20,000 tonnes of allowances from them. The cost of the seller's new machinery would be subsidized by the sale of allowances. Both
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lec%2083%20consbio - Carolina Parakeet Ivory Billed...

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