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BISC 320L Group Presentation Guidelines (30 pts) During the week of October 26 , each group is required to give an oral presentation of a scientific paper addressing specific topics in molecular biology. The goal of the presentation is to gain insight into the world of molecular biology utilizing knowledge and information you have acquired in the course. The presentation provides each student an opportunity to speak in front of an audience and learn from each other’s research. You may choose any scientific research or review paper within the scope of molecular biology and is published in the last 5 years (2004 to present). Sample topics for projects include but are not limited to: DNA, RNA and chromosome structures and organization, mechanisms of transcription, translation, recombination, and transposition, transcriptional regulation, new molecular biology techniques, molecular basis of disease in the news such as mad cow disease, SARS, the swine flu virus, HIV, Ebola virus, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental depression, autism -- the possibilities are practically endless. Editorial comments, rapid communications and clinical case studies do not qualify as research paper. Get together with your partner and start your project as soon as possible. Many scientific publications are available online. Here are a few good places to start your research: Online Biomedical Journal Literature: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?db=pubmed Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com
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09%20BISC%20320L%20Presentation%20Guidelines - BISC 320L...

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