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Introduction to Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering– BME 410 Syllabus - 2009 Fall Semester 1. Basic Information Course Name: Introduction to Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering, BME 410 Units: 3 Meeting place: KAP 160 Time: Thu: 2:00 pm-4:50 pm Instructor: Bo Han, Ph.D. Office: EDM-192 (near Health Science Campus) Telephone: 323-224-5067 Email: Office Hours: Thursday, 1:00- 2:00 pm at DRB 155 or by appointment Prerequisites: None Class web page: (follow link to BME 410) Discussions: Discussions will be held to help review class material and will correspond to one TA office hour time slot. 2. Course Goals, Program Objectives and Relationship to Program Outcomes 2.1. Course goals: Tissue engineering encompasses such a broad field that it is difficult for one single person to be proficient in every discipline included. Nevertheless the objective of the course is to: Help students become familiar with the spectrum of research, studies and experiments, which lead to the creation, testing and marketing of devices. This often includes knowledge that would benefit future dentists, physicians, pharmacists, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, material scientists, chemists (polymer, physical, analytical, etc.), regulatory personal dealing with the FDA, marketing experts, patent attorneys, etc. Understand the principles and concepts of biomaterials (natual and synthetic), material/tissue interaction, molecular, cellular and tissue engineering. Develop lifelong skills such as adaptive expertise learning (through a group research project) and written presentation and communication skills. 2.2. Biomedical Engineering Program Outcomes: 1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences and engineering to formulate and study or solve engineering and biomedical problems, including problems at the interface of engineering, medicine, and biology
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syllabusf2009 - Introduction to Biomaterial and Tissue...

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