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Midterm Study One-Sheet

Midterm Study One-Sheet - AHIS 344 MIDTERM STUDY ONE-SHEET...

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AHIS 344 MIDTERM STUDY ONE-SHEET: LECTURE 1 – INTRO - “Baroque” = misshapen pearl, grotesque, unusually shaped, theatrical, color & emotion - Curtius Thesis: Mannerism and Classicism coexist throughout time, in dialogue, Baroque = late mannerist style, deviations = Mannerism - Panofsky : artistic conception goes from human (different from nature) contrivance to originating in sensual perception. Stop trying to rival nature, experimentation LECTURE 2 – ENLIGHTENMENT - Foucault : Old Episteme – Resemblance, interpretation of texts, play of symbols - Bacon : The New Oragonon , Baconian Idols (Tribe, Cave, Forum, Theater) pre-judgments that inhibit us from reaching true understanding. - Kirchner : Encyclopedic, biblical text, explanation for cultures: imperialism, tower of Babel, kabalistic: 4 letter names for God LECTURE 3 – BERNINI - Portrait busts, personality, instant, innovative, early talent. Saints: sexual revelations, reading story for heightened moment, bozzettos. Rapes,
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