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Midterm One-Sheet - * OLMEC Early Formative (1200-900 BCE)...

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* OLMEC – Early Formative (1200-900 BCE) Veracruz: Site: San Lorenzo – monumental heads, were- jaguar figures Site: San Martin Pajapan – figures with bar and maize god headdress, top of mountain offering Site: El Azuzul – twin figures * OLMEC – MIDDLE FORMATIVE (900-400 BCE) Tabasco: Site: La Venta (READING) – buried serpentine masks, caches of offerings, basalt column tomb, sarcophagus, altars, greenstone figures * MAYA – LATE PRE-CLASSIC (100 BCE – 0) Paten, Guatemala: Site: San Bartolo – mural paitings (3 walls) * WEST MEXICO – LATE PRE CLASSIC Culture: Colima (200 BCE-300 CE) – conch- headdresses, dogs with heads, burnished Culture: Nayarit (200 BCE-300 CE) – pairs, piercing, temple models Site: Huitzilapa (READING) Jalisco (200 BCE- 200 CE) – shaft tombs, multiple burials, ceramic offerings, chubby guys stuck in ground. * TEOTIHUACAN – State of Mexico (150-650 CE) Pyramids: Moon and Sun (150-250 CE), Featured Serpent and Ciudadela (250-600 CE), Ave. of the Dead, Water Goddess Sculpture
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