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Milestone 2 - explosions/ponies/exploding ponies or even...

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CS1372 Project 1 – Milestone 2 This is the pre-release milestone. This is the code that you feel good enough to give to other people to look at and try out. The only difference between this and the final version is that someone found a tiny little bug in the beta and you fixed it before releasing the final version. So what does that mean for you now? 1. It should be feature complete. In other words your goals have been met. In a third set of words all the requirements are met. This includes the
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Unformatted text preview: explosions/ponies/exploding ponies or even pony explosions (there’s a subtle difference). 2. Interacting with your software should be • Painless • Smooth • Enjoyable • Exciting • Inspiring (Different levels of inspiration will correspond to different grades) or any other combination of a set of synonyms for the general goodness everyone who evaluates your software will feel. What to Submit All of your code. Include all C files, H files, and your makefile....
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