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CS1372 Spring 2009 Homework 01 – Pixels in Mode 3 Designed to Teach You: 1. How to submit attachments on T-Square 2. How to write/compile/run a GBA program 3. Code basic C (variables / GBA Program Flow) 4. GBA register manipulation 5. Visual nirvana Assignment Instructions: 1. [10%] Include a block comment at the top of your main.c file with the following: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Name : // T-Square login ID // Homework : HW1 // Collaboration: <place here one of the following:> // "I worked on the homework assignment alone, using only course materials." // OR // "I worked on this homework with <give the names of the
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Unformatted text preview: // people you worked with>, used solutions or partial // solutions provided by <name the people or other sources>, // and referred to <cite any texts, web sites, or other // materials not provided as course materials" 2. [90%] Light up the following pixels: a. eight white pixels that will be the corners and the centers of the sides for a rectangle located on the GBA screen between (row 70 col 110) and (row 90 col 130) b. a red pixel in the center of the square 3. Hints: Copy/Paste is your friend. Be very careful with the coordinates. To Submit on T-Square: 1. Submit your file main.c for Assignment 1....
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