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Homework 3 - Pong Designed to teach you: Multifile programs Using / creating libraries Code re-use / “lazy programmer syndrome” Buttons Vertical Blank A bit of history Assignment Instructions: 1. [5%] Include a block at the top of your main.c file with the following: a. Name and Date b. GT Account and GTID c. Collaboration Statement 2. [15%] Include functions, macros, typedefs, etc into seperate header and source files. Points will be taken off for any function declarations inside of the main.c file. 3. [10%]Different screens: a. Start – While waiting for input b. Gameplay – While gaming c. Gameover – When all is lost 4. [10%] Must use Vertical Blank 5. [60%] Create the game of pong. There must be a start screen of any color that is displayed
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Unformatted text preview: while the game is waiting for input from a key. When the game starts the background should change to a different color. There should be atleast one paddle and one ball, the ball must bounce when hitting the paddle or any of the other non-paddle sides. Each player should have multiple lives, a life is lost when the paddle misses the ball. Once reaching zero lives the background should change to a third color until some input returns the game to the start screen. 6. [10%] Extra credit: Any cool stuff that we like, some examples are: a. Multiple balls and/or paddles b. Stationary obstacles in the middle fo the screen c. Colorful paddle and/or ball, colorful interaction between ball and paddle...
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