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Homework 4 - Pong revisited Designed to teach you: Mode 4 DMA Bitmap screens Assignment Instructions: 1. [5 Pts] Include a block at the top of your main.c file with the following: A Name and Date B GT Account and GTID C Collaboration Statement 2. [5 Pts] Include functions, macros, typedefs, etc into separate header and source files. Points will be taken off for any function declarations inside of the main.c file. 3. [20 Pts] Different screens in bitmaps with palettes: A Start – While waiting for input B Gameplay – While gaming C Lostlife – After a life is lost, wait for a key and show how many are left D Gameover – When all is lost 4. [20 Pts] Use DMA to draw the backgrounds, paddle(s), and ball(s). 5. [20 Pts] Use Mode 4. 6. [30 Pts] Create the game of Pong. There must be a start screen bitmap that is displayed while the game
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Unformatted text preview: is waiting for input from a key. When the game starts the background should change. There should be at least one paddle and one ball, the ball must bounce when hitting the paddle or any of the other non-paddle sides. Each player should have multiple lives, a life is lost when the paddle misses the ball, and the game displays a screen indicating how many lives are left before moving on with a button press. Once reaching zero lives the background should change to a BMP image until a button press returns the game to the start screen. 7. [10 Pts] Extra credit: Any cool stuff that we like, some examples are: A Multiple balls and/or paddles (done correctly) B Obstacles in the middle of the screen C Colorful paddle and/or ball, colorful interaction between ball and paddle...
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