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Unformatted text preview: CS1372 Project 1 – Milestone 1 By this point you should have a beta version of your program ready. It should implement most or all of the requirements, but not necessarily in their finalized state. Requirements ‐ Your program should implement a Dynamic Data Structure. At this point, simply showing you can use it is enough. For example, if your program uses a “box” structure, you can create a linked list of boxes and draw a few onto the screen. This also requires that you create at least one structure. Note: you must draw onto the screen in a way that makes sense to your project. You should have some sort of screen transition that correctly switches between two different modes. This could be a startup screen, a pause screen, a “level” transition, or really anything you can come up with. As always, your functions, macros, typedefs, etc. should be located in separate files. The code should be formatted and commented adequately! Everyone isn’t turning in the same thing this time, so it is very helpful if everything is in a readable format. The “main character” of your project should function correctly. For example, if you were making “Feeding Apples to My Little Exploding Pony,” your little pony should be able to move with the arrow keys. If your program entitles the player themselves to be the main character, you should make sure your inputs are at least a rudimentary version of what they will be in the final project. ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Include a collaboration statement in your main.c file. What to Submit Submit all of your .c files, .h files, and Makefile. Make sure that the mess of files that you submit will compile. ...
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