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Unformatted text preview: GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL of ELECTRICAL and COMPUTER ENGINEERING ECE 2025 Spring 2009 Lab #1: Introduction to MATLAB Date: 1216 Jan. 2009 The labs will be held in room 2440 of the Klaus building. Your GT login will work, as long as you specify the Windows domain to be AD. If you have difficulty logging in, send an E-mail to , or visit the web site: . Pre-Lab: You should read the Pre-Lab section of the lab and do all the exercises in the Pre-Lab section before your assigned lab time. Verification: The Warm-up section of each lab must be completed during your assigned Lab time and the steps marked Instructor Verification must also be signed off during the lab time . One of the laboratory instructors must verify the appropriate steps by signing on the Instructor Verification line. When you have completed a step that requires verification, simply raise your hand and demonstrate the step to the TA or instructor. Turn in the completed verification sheet to your TA when you leave the lab. Lab Report: It is only necessary to turn in Section 3 as this weeks lab report with graphs and explanations. You will work in teams (of two or three) on the project in Section 3, and each team will turn in one report more information about teaming will be given during the first lab meeting. Examples of the lab report format will be posted on t-square . You must label the axes of all your plots and include a title for every plot. In order to keep track of plots, include your plot inlined within your report. For more information on how to include figures and plots from MATLAB into your report file, consult the in- formation on t-square . If you still do not know what is expected, ask your TA who will grade your report. Forgeries and plagiarism are a violation of the honor code and will be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. You are allowed to discuss lab exercises with other students and you are allowed to consult old lab reports, but you cannot give or receive written material or electronic files. Your submitted work should be original and it should be your own work. Due Date: The report will be due during the week of 20-Jan. at the start of your lab. For Sections L02 and L04, the lab report will be due on 26-Jan, because those sections will not have lab on 19-Jan, MLK Day. PRINTING BUDGET: For the printers in the ECE labs, you have a quota. Please limit your printing to essential items for the labs. If you need to print lecture slides and other large documents, use the central (OIT) printing facilities. 1 Pre-Lab Please read through the information below prior to attending your lab....
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This note was uploaded on 10/20/2009 for the course COE 1 taught by Professor Many during the Spring '09 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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