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ver 1.0, 13‐Jan‐09 Page 1 Methodsfor Evaluating Teamwork in ECE ­ 2025 Labs Lab Assignment #:________________ Date:______________ Lab Section: ___________ Grading TA: _________________________ Your Name: ___________________________________ Lab Partners Name(s): __________________________________________________ Here are the ground rules for working in teams in the ECE-2025 Labs: 1. Teams will consist of two (or three) students; no single student teams are permitted. 2. Teams will be the same for the first half of the semester; then all teams will change. 3. Teams will be appointed by the Lab Grading TA, and Recitation Professor. 4. One lab report will be submitted for each team. 5. Each student will submit a peer evaluation consisting of an evaluation of the work done by the team mate, and a self evaluation. These evaluations should be submitted to the Grading TA separate from the lab report. 6. A log of team meetings should also be submitted. 7. The lab report grade will be based on both the raw score of the report and the peer
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Unformatted text preview: evaluations. Meeting Log Date Activity ver 1.0, 13‐Jan‐09 Page 2 Peer Evaluation Form Here is a Peer Evaluation form. The two columns labeled "Done by you" and "By Partners" should be filled in cooperatively by both team members with agreed upon percentages. Ideally this should be done before the work starts. The "Comments" column should be filled in by each team member alone after the work is completed. Each team member should submit this form to the Grading TA separate from the Lab Report. Activities shared by Team mates Done by you By Partner(s) Comments written independently % of Total Work (strive for an equal split) % of MATLAB programming and debugging % of Mathematical Analysis % of the Writing and Proof-reading Division of work on the First (sub)section Division of work on 2 nd (sub)section Division of work on 3 rd (sub)section Division of work on 4 th (sub)section Etc....
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LabPeerEvalV1 - evaluations Meeting Log Date Activity ver...

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