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Unformatted text preview: GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL of ELECTRICAL and COMPUTER ENGINEERING ECE 2025 Spring 2009 Lab #11: GUIs for Continuous-Time Signals & Systems Date: 17 April 2009 You should read the Pre-Lab section of the lab and do all the exercises in the Pre-Lab section before your assigned lab time. The Warm-up section of each lab must be completed during your assigned Lab time and the steps marked Instructor Verification must also be signed off during the lab time by one of the laboratory instructors. After completing the warm-up section, turn in the verification sheet to your TA. Forgeries and plagiarism are a violation of the honor code and will be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. You are allowed to discuss lab exercises with other students and you are allowed to consult old lab reports, but you cannot give or receive written material or electronic files. Your submitted work should be original and it should be your own work. The lab report for this week will be an Informal Lab Report. It is only necessary to turn in Section 4 as this weeks lab report. The report will due the next time your lab meets. 1 Introduction This lab concentrates on the use of some MATLAB GUIs: 1. cconvdemo: GUI for continuous-time convolution. y.t/ D x.t/ h.t/ D 1 Z 1 x. /h.t /d D h.t/ x.t/ D 1 Z 1 h. /x.t /d (1) 2. CLTIdemo: GUI for continuous-time filtering of sinusoids with a linear, time-invariant (LTI) system y.t/ D A j H.j! 1 / j cos .! 1 t C C H.j! 1 // when the input signal is a sinusoid, x.t/ D A cos .! 1 t C / . Each one of these demos illustrates an important point about the behavior of continuous-time signals and systems. They also provide a convenient way to visualize the output of a continuous-time LTI systems. All of these demos are available in the SP-First Toolbox, or they can be downloaded from the following web page: 2 Pre-Lab: Run the GUIs Several GUIs have been introduced during lectures over the past few weeks. The first objective of this lab is to demonstrate usage of these GUIs. 1 Figure 1: Interface for the continuous-time convolution GUI cconvdemo . 2.1 Continuous-Time Convolution Demo In this demo, you can select an input signal x.t/ , as well as the impulse response of an ANALOG filter h.t/ . Then the demo shows the flipping and shifting used when a convolution integral is performed. You can choose the signal that will be flipped by selecting either Flip x.t/ or Flip h.t/ . Figure 1 shows the interface for the cconvdemo GUI. In the Pre-Lab, you should perform the following steps with the cconvdemo GUI. (a) Set the input to a 4-second pulse x.t/ D u.t/ u.t 4/ . Check the Flip x.t/ option....
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