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ECE 2030 Introduction to Computer Engineering Homework 9 1. You are given 1Mx4 memory chips as described in lecture. Design a 4MB (4Mx8) memory system. 2. Consider the design of a 16-bit barrel shifter which can shift left or right (logical only). Give an estimate of the number of transistors needed for this design. You only need to consider the main portion of the data path, and not any decoding logic. 3. Using opcodes given in the lecture notes (available on the news tab of the web page), give the hexadecimal representation of the machine codes for each given instruction. Also, describe each operation in RTL notation.
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Unformatted text preview: (a) and $7,$12,$4 (b) lw $4, -16($5) (c) addi $s1,$t3, 22 (d) sw $ra 4($sp) 4. Using opcodes given in the lecture notes, give the hexadecimal representation of the machine code for the branch (beq), jump (j), and and immediate (addi) in-structions. Assume that loop = 0x00002000. loop: and $7,$12,$4 lw $4, -16($5) addi $s1,$t3, 22 beq $4, $5, end sw $ra 4($sp) j loop end: 5. Specify assembler memory directives to initialize an array A of word integers of size 5 such that A[i]=i. (equivalent to the C code: int A[5]; for (i=0;i<5;i++) A[i]=i;). Spring 2009 Due: 22.4.2009 Prof. David Schimmel Sections F...
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