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Practice question #17 The following is a list of statements and conclusions that were derived by Mukouyama et al., from their experimental data depicted in figures 6 and 7: 1. VEGF is produced preferentially by peripheral sensory nerves in mouse embryonic limb skin. 2. Isoforms of VEGF are expressed by both neurons and by Schwann cells acutely isolated and purified from embryonic limb skin. 3. Undifferentiated ECs (PECAM-1-positive; EphrinB2-negative) were successfully isolated and obtained in a high degree of purity from E10.5 skin by FACs. 4. Treatment of undifferentiated ECS with purified VEGF protein induced the arterial differentiation of these cells. 5. The differentiation described in #4 above represents a true induction, and not the selective
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Unformatted text preview: clonal expansion (proliferation) of pre-existing differentiated cells. 6. The neurons and Schwann cells (glia) isolated by FACS were confirmed to be greater than 95% pure populations. 7. Both Schwann cells and neurons were capable of inducing EphrinB2 expression in undifferentiated ECs when co-cultured for 2 days. 8. Again, as in #5 above, this represents as true induction, not an increase in EC number. 9. VEGF protein is the inducing molecule released by Schwann cells and neurons, and its acts specifically on undifferentiated ECS through VEGF-specific receptors (VEGF-R) on the surface of these cells. You should be able to describe the observations and/or experimental evidence that tend to support each of the above statements....
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