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BIS 104 PQ 19 fall 08 19. In the experiments described in Figs 1 – 4, the authors have used a qualitative technique (visualization by fluorescence microscopy) to gather evidence in support of their hypothesis. In the experiments described on pages 697-699, including Fig. 5, they continue with this approach but supplement it with some quantitative analysis. To quantify their results, they measured the fractional length of nerve fibers associated with blood vessels.
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Unformatted text preview: A summary of these results is given in the table below: Mouse strain % of alignment between neurons and arterial blood vessels Wild type 89.7 + 4 Sema3A mutant 99.5 + 4 erbB3 mutant 14.9 + 12 What CONCLUSION can be drawn from these results with respect to the relative roles of peripheral sensory neurons and Schwann cells in arteriogenesis?...
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