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bis_104_practice_quiz_1 - Step 2 The amount of antibody...

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BIS 104 Practice Quiz 1 1. State the general HYPOTHESIS being tested (or the question being asked) by the experiments described by Mukouyama, et al., in their CELL article. (4 pts) 2. Consider the following experiment: Step 1: Samples of normal breast epithelial cells and breast epithelial cells from cancer patients were reacted with labeled antibodies directed against the receptor protein, erbB2.
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Unformatted text preview: Step 2: The amount of antibody bound by equal numbers of cells from the two cell samples was compared. a. Describe the predicted RESULTS of this experiment. (4 points) b. State the CONCLUSION that can be drawn from these results. ( in stating your conclusion, use the appropriate terminology from the Rules of Evidence). (4 points)...
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