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bis_104_essay_quests_fall_082 - 4 What are the main...

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1. Mukouyama has concluded, based on a series of in vivo experiments with mouse embryo limb skin, that PSNs are directly responsible (i.e., are causative) for arteriogenesis. Summarize the evidence (experiments, controls, results) that support this conclusion. 2. Summarize the evidence that tends to support each of the following statements: a. Mukouyama used the FACS procedure to successfully obtain purified (highly homogeneous) populations of undifferentiated ECs, neurons, and Schwann cells. b. Both neurons and Schwann cells are capable of synthesizing and secreting vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). c. Purified VEGF protein is capable of inducing differentiation of ECs into arterial ECs. d. VEGF protein is present in mouse embryo limb skin. 3. Summarize the important functions attributed to biomembranes (the PM, the endomembrane system, and membrane bound organelles) that are common to all eukaryotic cells.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What are the main molecular components of biomembranes, and how are these components arranged within the membrane to give a membrane its unique structure and function? 5. Discuss the roles that lipids play in determining the physical properties (fluidity, viscosity, permeability, deformability) of biomembranes. 6. Describe the experimental strategy you would use to analyze the protein composition of the PM of a particular cell type, such as the human RBC. 6. Summarize the main steps involved in the transcription, translation, post-translation modification and exocytosis of a secreted protein such as insulin. 7. Compare and contrast the principal mechanisms that a eukaryotic cell uses to regulate the transport of small molecular weight solutes. 8. Summarize the experimental evidence that tends to support the concept of the Fluid Mosaic model for biomembranes....
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bis_104_essay_quests_fall_082 - 4 What are the main...

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