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bis_104_protein_traffic_fall_08 - IN THE NUCLEUS...

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IN THE NUCLEUS Transcription factors (TFs) and RNA polymerase II bind to regulatory sequences ( promoters and enhancers) near insulin gene (short arm of chromosome #11). Initial transcript = HnRNA HnRNA processed to mRNA: 5’ – methylguanosine – mRNA – Poly(A) Stabilize against degradation Select for nuclear export (exportins) Ribosome binding and stable translation in cytol. Nuclear pore complex (NPC) Several thousand site of nuclear double membrane fusion 8 copies of ~ 20 different proteins = octagonal symmetry Exportins complex with mRNA for movement into cytol. IN THE CYTOPLASM
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mRNA captured by free ribosomes in cytol = polysome – Poly(A) Translation begins and NH2-terminal peptide emerges as signal sequence Signal recognition particle (SRP ) grabs mRNA / Rbs / sig seq complex Complex transported to cytol surface of ER, where it binds to a receptor and translocon This is now RER and translation resumes, threading newly synthesized protein into RER lumen Sig seq is cleaved by
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bis_104_protein_traffic_fall_08 - IN THE NUCLEUS...

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