Ch_322b_18.17 - Chapter 18.17 lecture note

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Lactams: Cyclic Amides Cyclic analogs of amides are called l actams. The size of the ring is given by a Greek letter that places the relative positions of the carbonyl and amino functions. C C=O C N ! " a " lactam C C N C C O = ! " # a # lactam (a 1,2-lactam) (a 1,3-lactam)
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The Penicillin Antibiotics The medicinally important penicillins contain a ! -lactam structure. In 1928, the British bacteriologist Sir Alexander Fleming, at University College, London, observed that a culture of staphylococcal bacteria, contaminated by the mold penicillium notatum , died. This mold is similar to common bread mold. Apparently some spores were carried to the petrie dish containing the bacteria culture. Around the contamination, the bacteria stopped growing and died. The mold secreted a chemical fatal to the bacteria . In 1940, the active agent was isolated and identified by Ernst Chaim and Howard Florey. The Penicillin Story
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Ch_322b_18.17 - Chapter 18.17 lecture note

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