Week 5 Practice Questions

Week 5 Practice Questions - TORTS I QUESTIONS WEEK 5 1....

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T ORTS I – QUESTIONS W EEK 5 1. Criminals have been breaking into Tom’s warehouse and stealing computer parts. Tom, a clever fellow, arranged a one-way door into the warehouse so that someone could enter but not exit. Rex, a petty thief, walks into the warehouse and cannot get out. Rex is found by Tom the next morning trapped in the warehouse. Is Tom liable for false imprisonment? No because defence of property and he didn’t use force. 2. George has been sued for battery, assault, and false imprisonment. Can George defend himself by pleading necessity? No necessity is only for the property torts. 3. Betty was leaving a department store with a bracelet she had purchased in her pocket. Even though the store detective had no reason to believe that Betty had stolen the bracelet, he asked Betty to come back into the store to check her pockets. Betty willingly agreed. Has the store falsely imprisoned Betty? Is there a defense? No because she willingly went back. No because there has to be a reason to believe that she stole to use the
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Week 5 Practice Questions - TORTS I QUESTIONS WEEK 5 1....

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