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P ROFESSOR P ALMER T ORTS I – QUESTIONS W EEK 7 1. Certain automobiles are designed to be more safe in the event of a crash. Considering Unites States vs Carroll Towing , would a reasonable person be able to drive such an automobile faster? Explain. The severity of the injury is less, the probability of injury is less, then the burden goes down then you can drive faster. 2. Boris Construction builds sidewalks for the city. One of these sidewalks has a large crack in it, constructed so that water can run off the sidewalk. Tom, a blind person, trips on the crack in the sidewalk. A. What is the standard of care for Boris Construction? Explain. The ordinary
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Unformatted text preview: construction worker. B. What is the standard of care for Tom? Explain. The ordinary reasonable blind person 3. What is the standard of care for a board certified anesthesiologist (doctor)? The national community of anaesthesiologist. The custom makes their standard. 4. You represent the plaintiff in a cause of action for medical malpractice against a doctor, anesthesiologist. What questions would you ask a medical expert that you call to testify in the case? Do you know the standard of care or what other anaesthesiologist would do across the US? What is customary for an anaesthesiologist across the US?...
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