chapter11 - I) Facility Engineering and Maintenance a. Role...

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I) Facility Engineering and Maintenance a. Role of Engineering and Maintenance Department i. Protecting and enhancing the financial value of the building and grounds for the hotel’s owners. ii. Supporting the efforts of all other hotel departments through the timely attention iii. Controlling maintenance and repair costs iv. Controlling energy usage v. Increasing the pride and morale of the hotel’s staff. vi. Ensuring the safety of those working in and visiting the hotel. b. Difference Between Engineering and Maintenance i. Engineering 1. Designing and operating to ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere ii. Maintenance 1. The activities required to keep a building and its contents in good repairs. c. Engineering i. Reference 1. Refers to physics, chemistry and mathematics to design and operate buildings that provide a comfortable atmosphere for guests. ii. Example 1. The required calculations to determine the necessary amount or size of air conditioning to keep the hotel lobby at a reasonable temperature. d. Maintenance i. Reference 1. Refers to the simple maintaining of the hotel’s physical property. 2. Maintenance costs are like taxes, if they are not paid one year, they will be paid in the next year with a penalty! ii. Property operation and Maintenance(POM)
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Definition a. The term is taken from the uniform system of accounts for hotels and refers to the segment of the income statement that details the costs of operating the E&M department. iii. Steps of Maintenance 1. Planned a. The E&M department must be aware of when and how each piece of routinely changed equipment or necessary operations will take place and what it will cost so that the budget can be set correctly. 2. Implemented a. The plan must be carried out to the greatest extent possible to stay within the realms of the budget and reduce emergency expenses. b. Create a checklist 3. Recorded a. Scheduled maintenance tasks must be performed at a specific time or date and the engineering department must know when by knowing the last time the maintenance took place. e. Design and renovation i. Renovation(every 6-10 years) 1. The process of making repairs that brings a building into good condition ii. Refurbishment 1. A process that involves the major cleaning and redecoration of hotel areas iii. Restoration(every 25-50 years) 1. Returning the hotel to its original or better than original condition. f.
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chapter11 - I) Facility Engineering and Maintenance a. Role...

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