Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 i Managing in the Global hotel...

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Chapter 15 i) Managing in the Global hotel Industry a. Options to select a manager i. Select and relocate a hotel manager from the united states who is a US citizen and is currently managing a property in the US ii. Select a citizen from the country where the hotel is located. iii. Select a person who is neither a US citizen nor a citizen of the country in which the hotel to be managed is located. b. Developing Countries i. A low-or middle-income country in which most people have a low standard of living and access to fewer goods and services than do persons in countries with higher income levels. ii. Task of the international manager to train these persons to assume more responsibility c. Developed Countries i. A country who’s income per person Is high by world standards and that enjoys the higher standard of living that the wealth makes possible. d. Multiplier Effect i. The resulting financial ripple that occurs within a local economy when money is spent and respent and creates income for additional persons who, in turn, spend the money in the local economy. e. Preference of the Hotel Group i. Multinational hotel groups often prefer local citizens in top manager positions 1. A local citizen is more likely to be familiar with the country and local business and culture 2. There will be lower payroll and related relocation costs 3. There may be improved relationships between the hotel group and the host country 4. There may be longer management continuity and greater employee morale because local employees feel as though they have opportunities for promotion.
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ii) The Hotel Industry is Global a. Layperson i. Persons who are not professional in or very knowledgeable about a specific subject such as hotel management. b. Expatriate i. A citizen of one country who is employed in another country. iii) Managing and Living in Another country a. Political Environment i. Governmental structures in other countries may be less stable and more susceptible to turmoil 1. Societal turmoil 2. Fast paced changes in leadership 3. Legal and travel restrictions
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 i Managing in the Global hotel...

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