exam 1 day eight review sheet

exam 1 day eight review sheet - ariety of service options...

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t and standard service with some options available from which the customer chooses. The work flow progresses from one work station to the next with some dominant paths apparent. The work is reasonably divergent and some customization exists in how vice provider to the next until the service is completed. Preparing the monthly client fund balance reports in the financial services industry is a good example. Low customer contact, low divergence and a line flow. 1) Process Strategy a. The pattern of decision made in managing processes so that they will achieve their competitive priorities b. Guides various process decisions and in turn is guided by operations strategy and the organizations ability to obtain the resources necessary to support them i. Process Decisions 1. Process Structure a. Determines the process type relative to the kinds of resources needed, how resources are partitioned between them and their key characteristics. b. Layout i. Which is the physical arrangement of operations created from the various processes put these decisions into tangible form. 2. Customer Involvement a. Reflects that ways in which customers become part of the process and the extent of their participation. 3. Resource Flexibility a. Is the ease with which employees and equipment can handle a wide variety of products, output levels, duties and functions. 4.
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exam 1 day eight review sheet - ariety of service options...

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