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exam 1 day five review sheet

exam 1 day five review sheet - 1 Work Breakdown Structure a...

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1) Work Breakdown Structure a. A statement of all the tasks that must be completed as part of the project. i. An activity is the smallest unit of work effort consuming both time and resources that the project manager can schedule and control ii. Each activity must have an owner who is responsible for doing the work 2) Precedence Relationships a. A relationship that determines a sequence for undertaking activities’ it specifies that one activity cannot start until a preceding activity has been completed. b. Uses i. PERT Analysis ii. Critical Path Method 3) PERT Analysis a. Program Evaluation and Review Technique i. Benefits 1. Considering projects as networks forces project teams to identify and organize the data required and to identify the interrelationships between activities. This process also provides a forum for managers of different functional areas to discuss the nature of the various activities and their resource requirements. 2. Networks enable project managers to estimate the completion time of
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