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exam 1 day four review sheet - 1 Project Management a...

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1) Project Management a. Project i. An interrelated set of activities with a definite starting and ending point which results in a unique outcome for a specific allocation of resourced b. Project Management i. A systemized, phased approach to defining, organizing, planning, monitoring and controlling projects. ii. Focus on cost, time, and quality iii. Three main goals are to: 1. Complete the project on time 2. Not exceed the budget 3. Meet the specifications to the satisfactions of the customer 2) Selecting A Project Manager and Project Team a. Qualities that a good project manager will have i. Facilitator 1. Must resolve conflicts between individuals or departments to ensure that the project has the appropriate resources for the job to be completed. 2. They should have a systems view which incorporates the interactions of the project, its resources and its deliverables with the firm as a whole, ii. Communicator 1. Project progress and requests for additional resources must be clearly communicated to senior management and other stakeholders. iii. Decision Maker 1. Good project managers will be sensitive to the way the team performs best and be ready to make tough decisions if necessary,
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2. Must organize the team meetings, specify how the team will make decisions and determine the nature and timing of reports to senior management. b. Principles of an Effective Project Manager i. Direct people (individually and as a team) ii. Reinforce project excitement iii. Keep everyone informed iv. Manage healthy conflict v. Empowerment vi. Encourage risk taking and creativity c. Qualities a Project Team will need i. Technical Competence ii. Sensitivity 1. All member should be sensitive to interpersonal conflicts that may
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exam 1 day four review sheet - 1 Project Management a...

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