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exam 1 day ten review sheet - 1 Work Measurement Techniques...

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1) Work Measurement Techniques a. Overview i. Used to provide duration information for each step of the process ii. Time estimates needed for 1. Process improvement BUT ALSO for 2. Capacity Planning 3. Constraint Management 4. Performance Appraisal 5. Scheduling b. Time Study Method i. A work measurement method using a trained analyst to perform four basic steps in setting a time standard for a job or process: selecting the work elements (nested processes) within the process to be studied, timing the elements, determining the sample size and setting the final standard. 1. Essentially this is the average time observed, adjusted for normal effort and making an allowance for breaks, unavoidable delays etc. . 2. Some elements will need to be performed faster or slower than the analyst’s judgment. c. Elemental Standard Data Approach i. A database of standards compiled by a firms analysts for basic elements that they can draw on later to estimate the time require for a particular job, which is more appropriate when products or services are highly customized, job processes prevail and the process divergence is great. 1. Works well when work elements within certain jobs are similar to those in other jobs. d. Predetermined Data Approach i. A database approach that divides each work element into a series of micro- motions that make up the element. The analyst then consults a published
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database that contains the normal times for the full array of possible micro-motions. 1. Normal time can be calculated by the sum of the times given in the database for the elements performed in the process. 2. Makes sense for highly repetitive processes with little process divergence and line flows. e. Work Sampling Method i. A process that estimates the proportion of time spent by people or machines on different activities, based on observations randomized over time. 1.
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exam 1 day ten review sheet - 1 Work Measurement Techniques...

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