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exam 1 day three review sheet

exam 1 day three review sheet - 1 Qualitative effects on...

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Power Interest in Project 1) Qualitative effects on the Decision-Making process a. Psychology b. `Personality in Decision-Making c. Sociology i. Group vs. Individual Decision-Making ii. Groupthink 1. Taking one persons idea and making it the idea of the group d. Social-Psychology i. Conflict in Decision-Making 1. Avoidance a. Avoidance of making a decision 2. Suppression a. Suppressing opinions and feelings 3. Compromise a. Decisions are made but there are negative feelings since one side feels like they have lost. 4. Equilibrium 2) Stakeholder Analysis a. What is a stakeholder i. Anyone affected by the outcome of a decision 1. Employees 2. Shareholders 3. Managers 4. Environment 5. Local community
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6. Suppliers 7. Government 8. Consumers b. Performing Stakeholder Analysis i. Identify all stakeholders 1. People affected by the decision 2. People in power or influence over the decision or results 3. People who have an interest in its successful or unsuccessful conclusion.
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