CSCI755Assignment-1 - CSCI 755 Artificial Intelligence...

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CSCI 755 Artificial Intelligence Programming assignment #1 Due date: Tuesday, 10/20/09 In this assignment, you are to first familiarize yourself with the basic common lisp environment and write some simple functions. Follow the directions below. 1. Download a common lisp from the Internet (check the URLs listed in the lecture note). Note that the two recommended packages have restrictions. Allegro Franz CL has a 3 month usage limit. LispWorks allows you to keep a session running for only ~5 hours before you have to close it and start it up again. LispWorks is recommended even though it’s a little harder to work with than Allegro Franz. 2. Install the CL that you downloaded. 3. Start it and play around with it: a. type in some symbols and numbers (’a, 5, 3.183, nil, T, “hello”, etc), see what you get b. call some basic functions (+ 5 3), (setf a 6), (setf b 12), (* a b), (setf c (/ a b)), etc c. write some simple functions like square, cube, etc, and a few list functions like determining if all elements of a list are numbers, characters, etc
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CSCI755Assignment-1 - CSCI 755 Artificial Intelligence...

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