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96c393e6234217873b4a3ec4b8c7d83796d00519.doc. Page 1 of 2 1-A1 (10-15 min.) Because the accountant's duties often are not sharply defined, some of these answers could be challenged: 1. Scorekeeping. Determining a depreciation schedule is simply an exercise in preparing financial statements to report the results of activities. 2. Problem solving. Helps a manager assess the impact of a decision. 3. Scorekeeping. Reports on the results of an operation. Could also be attention directing if scrap is an area that might require management decisions. 4. Attention directing. Focuses attention on areas that need attention. 5. Attention directing. Helps managers learn about the information contained in a performance report. 6. Scorekeeping. The statement merely reports what has happened. 7. Problem solving. The cost comparison is apparently useful because the manager wishes to decide between two alternatives. Thus, it aids problem solving. 8.
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M9-Chp-01-9-Textbook-Solutions -...

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