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3a825a6f3a674eabde1c6d a3c703d84931c6df2b.doc Name: First Two Letters of Last Name: Home work for Chapter 1. (Print 2 copies. Circle (at the right) the letter of the best answer for each question. Turn in one copy at the start of class and keep one copy for class discussion.) 1 [Text page 5] Starbucks has prepared a report that compares its actual profit last quarter for a particular store with the budgeted profit for that period. The report shows that the profit had been budgeted at $150,000 but actual profit was only $120,000. The function of this report is: a. Scorekeeping a. b. Attention Directing b. c. Problem Solving c. d. None of these d. 2 [Text page 5] Starbucks has considered the possibility of adding some video games in selected stores. A report analyzes the expected additional costs and expected revenues from the video games. The report has the following purpose: a. Scorekeeping a. b.
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