Role of Conscience wk 3 Chapter 4 DB1-Ruggerio Text

Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues

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Fellow classmates and Dr. Framan: In my opinion, our conscience is one of the most, if not the most important factor in the decisions we make. Moreover, in a situation where we are faced with the decision between right or wrong, our conscience is our guide to the decision we make. Our text defines conscience as “the faculty by which we determine that we are guilty of a moral offense” (Ruggerio, 2008, pg. 39). My definition of conscience is very similar, and one that I have always thought of when referring to one’s conscience—the faculty by which we determine an act either right or wrong. All people are faced with moral and immoral choices in everyday life. What helps solve ones problem is their conscience. I do not necessarily believe we are born with a “true conscience” per say, but with a sub conscience that develops into a true conscience through what we learn and observe from our families, religious teachers, and/or through the ways of our culture. Your surroundings when you are just a tiny baby are a huge key to the development of your conscience. Our text states that conscience is formed by two forces that are beyond our control, and those are natural endowment and social conditioning, but one that is in some circumstances, within our control—moral choice (Ruggerio, 2008, pg. 41). The views that I have mentioned lean more towards social conditioning, but that is not to say that I do not believe that natural endowment and especially moral choice do not play important roles in conscience. They are all relative. Both temperament and intelligence, which is given through our genes, play a
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Role of Conscience wk 3 Chapter 4 DB1-Ruggerio Text -...

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